Jord Watch Product Shots / by korey napier

My wife was contacted by a watch company called Jord to sponsor a giveaway on her YouTube channel. They let her have her pick of any watch on their website for free in return for hosting a giveaway. This included not only mentioning Jord watches in one of her videos, but posting a couple Instagram pictures as well. I was happy to be able to shoot product shots as well as shots of her wearing the watch she chose. Though I'm not the best at product photography, I'm happy with the way these shots turned out.

The watch is made of wood and when I saw the wooden box it came in I new immediately that I wanted to shoot these outdoors in the woods. I think the environment really lent itself well to the aesthetics of the watch and the box. The sunlight was paramount to creating the look I wanted. Had I shot these same compositions with an overcast sky, the photos would have looked flat and boring. Placing them in direct sunlight made the images standout more and created a "mood" to them that wouldn't have been possible with a shady area.

Dealing with reflections was the hardest part of the shoot. As you can see, I wasn't entirely successful in avoiding them. I had to do quite a bit of touching up in Photoshop and Lightroom and even then I couldn't get them completely out of the shots. Despite the fact they wouldn't be considered "perfect" i'm still proud of them and happy with the results.