My Boy 2 / by korey napier

Drennan is now 15 months old as I'm writing this. It's fascinating to see the physical change in him through pictures. Since my first post titled "My Boy," he looks like a drastically different child. It's crazy that we often don't realize how much he's growing and changing until we go back and look at older photos of him. He has SO much personality and he does things that crack us up on a daily basis. He loves being outside and he has so much joy! He's constantly looking for a reason to smile.  He constantly jabbers and has certain words and phrases he says over and over. "Thank you!" "Please!" "What?!" "Uh Oh!" "No!" "Bye!" "Oooh, man!" "Hey!" are his most used. He changes more and more every day and we continue to fall more and more in love with him.