A "Personal" Real Estate Shoot / by korey napier

Since the Spring of this year I’ve been helping remodel a house in Lexington, Ky (about 1.5 hours away from where I live). The days that were spent working up there were long. 3 hours of driving plus breaking for lunch meant a typical 8 hour day would yield little results. So most days were 12-15 hour days from the time I left my house to I got home at night. It was nearly a complete gut job and the entire layout of the house was transformed. Walls were torn down and added, bathrooms were taken down to the studs and even sub-flooring was replaced in some areas. I even made a prior blog post on a random day titled “Building Walls” that involved framing the basement. https://www.koreynapierphotography.com/new-blog/2018/5/19/building-walls

I had an “incident” involving a chop-saw that left one of my middle fingers bandaged and unusable for about 3 weeks. I had needed stitches, but didn’t realize it at the time. After 2 days of continued work and the wound not clotting, I decided it might be a good idea to get it looked at by a doctor. It was too late for stitches, so it had to be dressed and left alone for about 5 days to heal on its own. I found out that Installing hardwood floors without a middle finger is annoying, but not all that difficult and to ALWAYS butt the piece of wood you’re cutting up against the fence of the chop-saw (something I had done the previous 200 times I cut, but it only takes 1 time to hurt yourself and slow progress down for an hour).

I was involved in virtually everything from start to finish. From demolition, to installing headers, building walls, installing flooring, wiring outlets, caulking windows, baseboards and door frames, painting and so on. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know you have a hand in bringing about such an incredible transformation to a house. Taking the pictures to be used for the listing is the icing on the cake. It’s a project that will hold a special place in my portfolio and for good reason!