My Boy 3 / by korey napier

Drennan is now a year and 9 months old. I can’t believe in only 3 short months, he will be 2! He is such an amazing and smart little boy. He is constantly learning new words and phrases (and jabbers non stop). He knows how to feed the dog we’ve been watching for the last two weeks (he has the routine down pat). He knows what is trash and needs to be thrown away. When it’s bedtime or nap time, he takes us both by the hand and leads us to his room. He goes over to the boxfan, turns it on HIGH, then runs and lunges onto the bed. It’s amazing how savvy kids are at this age and how QUICK they pick up on things. Drennan loves to be funny and make us laugh.

His biggest obsession right now is wanting to listen to records with me in my office. He is constantly taking me by the hand and leading me to my office door to ask if we can listen to music. He’s fascinated by the record player and once the music starts, he jumps into my arms and wraps me up tight. He sings along to the songs (and literally will do this for hours on end). He’s such an amazing kid, and I hope these pictures capture at least a little of that.