My Wife Wrote A Book! / by korey napier

"It still doesn't feel real. It was a dream I was pursuing in private and now it's actually in my hands and out in the world." 

I couldn't be happier for my wife. She wrote her first fictional novel and now it's published! She poured so much of herself into this story and it's surreal to actually hold her book. 

I recently invested in a couple of speed lights and a transmitter. I've never really done any flash work before as I have been an available light photographer virtually my whole "career." However, I want to branch out and learn new techniques. There comes a time where you plateau in your growth as a photographer and learning to use a flash definitely helps me get out of a growing rut. I still am a complete noob to the flash game, but I'm excited to keep learning. Thankfully I have a wife who's willing to be my guinea pig and help me practice. 

Take a look at some of my first photos where I've incorporated flash successfully (for me at least) and if you like reading fiction, her book is on Amazon!