Christmas 2017 / by korey napier

The tradition in my family is to go to my grandparents' house for Christmas Eve. We've been doing this ever since I was about 3 years old. My dad's side of the family all come together to have a Christmas dinner and exchange a couple gifts. We then spend Christmas morning with our families. My mom will always cook a big breakfast complete with pancakes and bacon. We didn't really get snow on Christmas day (except for a little on the rooftops and cars), but we did get an incredible sunrise! 


With my sister and her husband having kids and my wife and me staring a family as well, traditions will soon change. I wanted to document things this year because I'm not sure how much longer the Christmas traditions of the past will continue. Christmas is always my favorite time of the year and now that I have a boy of my own, it's even more fun. We spent Christmas morning with my parents, then went out to my wife's parents' house in the afternoon. This is where I got my favorite shot of the day. My mother-in-law was holding my son up to the Christmas tree where he was ripping ornaments off only to try and put them back on. I snapped multiple pictures and came away with two that I really loved.