Iā€™m a 31 year old Kentucky native. I'm an avid Kentucky basketball fan and love dark coffee. I married my best friend in 2014 and in January of 2017 we gave birth to an amazing baby boy. My wife and my son are without a doubt the most important things in my life. 

Photography was something that caught my attention when I was a freshman in high school. Having nothing at my disposal other than a low resolution Kodak point and shoot, I loved taking photos of nature whenever I could. However, photography was something that took a backseat to music and sports in those days and I really didn't start learning the art of photography until I was around 23. 

I am now the happiest when I am shooting. Whether it's photographing my son or for a paying client, I feel in my element when my eye is behind a viewfinder or when I'm in front of the computer bringing my photos to life.